Methownet BB - Terms of use

As host of the bulletin board the staff has the right to remove posts. Here are some of the reasons we might do so:
1) posts with language or images of a slanderous, libelous, mean or rude nature,
2) spammers,
3) bumping your post to the top, or
4) posts which are commercial in nature.
5) Washington State law requires that private sales and transfers of firearms (those that do not involve a federally licensed dealer as a party to the transaction) be completed through a licensed dealer.

Users may be banned for:
1) trolling,
2) mean behavior, or
3) other stuff.

Any personal opinion or open discussion posts are additionally subject to the following rules:
1) Posters must include their real names on every opinion post
2) Offsite links are not allowed
3) You must share your opinion in your own words and keep it civil.

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